Paninis, Sandwiches & More

Served with Fries or Pasta Salad. For both Fries and Pasta Salad add $2. Substitute Yam Fries, Soup or Side Salad for $2.5. Gluten Free Option Available for $3.

Orchard Valley 

Shredded Chicken. Melted French Brie. Sliced Pear. Fresh Arugula. Sweet & Savory Sauce.  $14

Vineyard Melt 

Roasted Yellow Tomatoes. Avocado. Arugula. Mushrooms. Fresh Sliced Red Peppers. Three Cheese Italian Blend. $14

The Grilled Cheese Gourmet 

3 Artisan Cheese Blend (rotating) / Cabernet Aïoli $10

The Mademoiselle Melt

French Brie. Granny Smith Apples. Roasted Turkey. Arugula. Honey Mustard Maple Aïoli  $14

The Mill Pulled Pork Sandwich

Brioche Bun. Smoked Pulled Pork. BBQ Sauce. Gorgonzola Coleslaw. Crispy French Onions  $14

Burger Dip  

Angus Beef. Swiss Cheese. Caramelized Onions. French Baguette. Au Jus. $15.5

French Dip

French Baguette. Sliced Slow Roasted Beef. Swiss Cheese. Provolone. Caramelized Onions. Horseradish Aïoli. Au Jus. $15.5

Reuben Sandwich

Corned Beef. Swiss Cheese. Sauerkraut. House-Made Thousand Island.  $16

Mill House Burger  

Angus Beef. Lettuce. Tomato. Cheddar. Pancetta. Mill House Sauce. Brioche Bun.  $15

Mushroom Burger  

Angus Beef. French Brie. Caramelized Onions. Sauteed Mushrooms. Sweet & Savory Sauce. Arugula. Brioche Bun. $16

Chicken Strips

Two Piece. $8.5
Three Piece. $10.5